Good News for Francisco Cosme

Francisco Cosme got good news yesterday. My future son-in-law has proven himself at Yankee Candle Company, where he got a temporary job several months ago. He’s going to massage school now, weeknights and Saturdays, so he has to report to work at four am to make up hours. Every morning I hear him driving out at before the crack of dawn, and he comes home late at night after his classes. But he always has a smile on his face and a laugh in his heart.

Francisco Posted by Picasa

Francisco has a lot of reasons to be proud. He’s got beautiful sons, a fiancee Kate who loves and cooks for him, he’s just gotten a raise and good benefits from YCI, and he’s about to begin a part time massage practice with a studio in the renovated basement. I am proud to have Francisco, the burly, former body building champ, as part of my family here in our cozy clean home at 9 Mountain Road.