Fifty Cent Throws his Money at his Fans

When I was making a fire I used Sunday’s NY Times holiday films section. I read a story about the new 50 cent movie called ‘Get Rick or Die Tryin’. He and the director, a famously short Irishman, were filming in New York on location. A bunch of Fifty Cent’s fans gathered, and the rap star wanted to thank them for being his fans and making him rich.

Curtis Jackson then began emptying his pockets of cash, throwing twelve thousand dollars up into the air, creating a frenzy among the young fans. The Irish director was shocked, he was afraid someone would get hurt as the crowd went wild. He yelled at the rap star, putting him on notice that this was not a good idea, but no one paid any attention.

Later Fitty was contrite when the reporter asked him about it. “I guess it wasn’t the greatest idea,” he said sheepishly.