Blogs, Vlogs and Ipods

Computer geeks gathered recently and had the conversation below. Mike McDonald writes in his Webpronews column about this at a Las Vegas convention.

“When our conversation steered towards blogs, and podcasts etc. she (internet expert) posed the following question:

“A year or two from now; blogs up or down?”
I said down.

“Podcasts. Up or down?”
I said up.

“Video, or Vlogs. Up or down?”
Again I said up.

Nobody disagreed with me.

To me, blogs reek of a trend to some extent. Podcasts and video blogs on the other hand, I think they have feet for a long run.

Think about it in terms of offline progression of media. Print was first, changed the world for hundreds of years. Then, along comes audio (radio) and after that video (TV) nothing kills print and there will probably always be a place for it but look at the ratio of people that get their news and information in today’s world from the radio or television compared to those who actually read a magazine or newspaper. On a protracted timeline, I could easily see internet media following a similar progression.”