Filming My Entrance on a Scooter

This morning I drove to work on my yellow motorscooter while being filmed for WGBY, Springfield’s public TV station. It was for a segment of their home grown television series, “Making It Here,” that will air in January on Channel 57. It was a sunny morning, and Marla Zippay was there to interview me and capture a little of what our business is like and how we run it.

I sat for an interview and she asked me softball questions. I tried to hit them out of the park, including references to our many dreams like our branded television program, our podcasting ambitions, and our radio show idea.

Later on I signed up for a travel show in London in November. I think we will attend, since doing shows like this in faraway places is how we keep GoNOMAD ahead of the curve, and associating with bigger travel businesses and media is always good.