The Boston Herald: GoNOMAD In the News

Today we finally saw the first press mention as a result of the Associated Press story filed on Monday. The Boston Herald ran the short item in their “Take Offs” section, the story said in part…”Off the beaten path Far from the world of all-inclusive resorts, motorcoach tours, and standard top-10 itineraries is a totally different type of travel.

Experience places and cultures through activities interactions and tourism that involves doing instead of just seeing. To help you plan such a trip, go to You’ll find a searchable database of unusual lodgings, events, tours activities and opportunities for working, studying and volunteering around the world, from weaving in Guatemala to staying with a family in Africa, to helping a community in Nepal.

Other recommendations from the website include a relatively affordable trip to Antarctica–$3000–and a trek to Bolivia to hunt down the legend of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, who may have ended their days there, (depending on which legend you believe). Although you can use the website to explore exotic and unusual places, it’s edited and run from the small town of South Deerfield, MA.