Tantoos–for the Truly Sun Worshipful

Tantoos are a new rage down in Texas. Today’s Wall Street Journal included this information, beginning with a story of how some Team Texas traveling high school wrestlers, on the eve of a match with rival Oklahoma, created Texas-shaped white spots by covering their hips and entering a tanning booth.

“I have a palm tree on my ankle and I get lots of, ‘that’s really cute,’ says one posting on a website, www.iamtan.com, a home of serious sun worshippers. The adhesive backing, often left in the booths, annoy tanning shop employees. Said one: “I certainly don’t want to pull off stupid Playboy Bunnies on my $5000 tanning bed.”

Michelle Bryant, 23, has spent more than $700 on lotion and spent more than 960 minutes beneath a UV lamp. But her proudest achievement is her heart tantoo, below her pants in stark relief to her otherwise bronzed body. The tantoo, she said, “is like saying yeah I’m dark.”