Praising NORK in Song

Found this on a blog called ‘lost nomad’ that is about Korea.

“A ranking South Korean official taking part in a celebratory event in the North Korean capital Pyongyang generated strong criticism at home Thursday by singing a North Korean song that praises the communist state’s military.

The main opposition Grand National Party (GNP) stopped short of accusing Yoo Hong-joon, head of South Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration, of treason and demanded the government dismiss the 57-year-old for what it called “inappropriate” behavior from a government official representing the country.

“Does it make any sense that a ranking government official gets swayed by his mood and sings a song praising the (North Korean) people’s army,” Rep. Maeng Hyung-kyu, head of the GNP’s policy committee, said.

According to earlier reports from the North Korean capital, the head of South Korea’s cultural administration was asked by North Korean Minister of Public Health Kim Su-hak at a dinner to sing a North Korean song when the latter learned that Yoo was very knowledgeable about North Korean culture.

Yoo began singing a song from a North Korean movie, “The Nameless Heroes,” and was soon followed by North Korean officials at the dinner on Tuesday, the reports said.