Talking in the Studio of WMAS-FM

It is a lovely summer. Being in the travel business brings no end of pleasant gifts and fortunate circumstances. Today I dropped by the studio of WMAS, right next to the Connecticut River in West Springfield. I was there to tape a segment about travel with Lopez, who produces the morning show on the FM station. Lopez looks just like the name, a bright young man who looked very confident at the mike. I ducked into the last studio on the left, the AM studio, and we began taping. Deena began with her breezy ‘wmas, ninety-four fm’ and began asking me about popular travel destinations.

The big mike loomed at me, and I had brought some fodder for their FM jocks to ponder. My story about the clothing optional resort just came out in the local free paper, so I showed it to them. They popped in a few questions and I suggested that San Diego would be a perfect place to go for an interesting vacation.