Ramblings from Ack

Some things you are going to hear more about…and you heard about them here first.
Reporting from the Dolphin Hotel, Nantucket.

Europe is all abuzz about the Polish Plumber. A publicity campaign featuring a hunky Polish Plumber is a jab at comments in France expressing fears that plumbers and other tradesman from eastern Europe would take jobs away. So the tourism board of Poland uses posters to state ‘I’m a polish plumber…and i’m not going anywhere.’

Many top athletes in college are taking jobs as members of NASCAR pit crews. The Wall Street Journal wrote last week about the lucrative, high stress job of changing tires and pumping gas in the pits of NASCAR.

They time the tire changing and you have to have the 60-lb tire over there in 1.2 seconds or less. These guys whizz around and many are former linebackers or baseball stars. The best of them make $100,000 a year for these high pressure jobs.