It’s the Photos, Stupid!

Traveling with an international contingent of journalists, I am noticing the contrasts between us. Stefano, an Italian publisher and photog, said that in Europe, the first priority in an editor’s view is the photos…if these are up to par, then the story is reviewed and considered. We usually do this in the opposite way, looking at the text first and if we like it, we ask for the photos. On this trip, sponsored by Tourism Hungary, there are accomplished writers for magazines from Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Japan, Spain and Italy. We’ve got some real shooters with us, carrying bulky bags full of huge lenses and they all tote tripods.

At the baths last night, the shooters all brought their cameras with them into the water, willing to risk accidental submersion for the perfect shot. They held them high and waded out into the current in search of their shots. There is a bit more formality here, not as easygoing as a group of US journos on a junket, and we’ve been jokingly referring to our colleagues by their nations, not their names.