Back to Summer in Deerfield

Back after a week to steamy New England, quite a contrast to cold and rainy Buda. The stubborn spring has finally turned to a sultry summer, and GoNOMAD’s office is now air conditioned. It was inspiring to read that there were more than 100,000 unique visitors on the website last month, an all-time record. Knowing that our site continues to attract lots of visitors makes the job all that much more rewarding.

Our summer interns have been working hard and Jessi has been blogging about travel writing every day. This and the other blogs add a dynamic element to the site, new content is the lifeblood, and we’re pumping more and more stories in to keep things fresh.

Every time I get back from a trip, I think about how long it will be until I go somewhere again. At this point, a few weeks of hard work in the office sounds mighty good, no planes to catch and only the daily duties to perform.