A Busy Blur Before Takeoff

Today is a blur, time is racing. Trying to get all of the things done in the office before I fly tonight. What an exciting feeling, waiting for an 11 pm to sultry Budapest. I have been briefed on the nation by two Hungarians who we met in NJ. They recommended Vicograd, a stop that is included in our Tourisn Hungary itinerary, and she taught me how to say please and thank you in Hungarian.

The office hums with activity today, as Desmond Dekker rings out in reggae style on the radio. Jessi is here working on a story, and Paula is busy fixing links. Joe is in his corner emailing our newsletter to 12,800 subscribers. This is life in the web world, with a busy staff of people taking on challenges of publishing pixels instead of ink, and making a profit from it. Glad to be here and also glad to be flying tonight.