Shoes Make High Drama

Pelosi Shoe Drama Has Fairytale Ending

At last, the searing drama of Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s missing pink shoe has come to an end. And what an end it was! Freshman Representative Dave Reichert (R-Washington) dropped to one knee during a press conference, flourished an elegant pink slingback and proclaimed, “I’m proud to be here, and proud to present you with your shoe!” “That is my shoe!” Ms. Pelosi, exclaimed to laughter. “Thank you so much. … A moment of community on Capitol Hill. … You are such a gentleman,” said Pelosi who was clearly overwhelmed by his gallantry.

But how did the ever-so-gallant Congressman Reichart recover the glass slipper pink slingback, lost when the secret service literally lifted her out of her shoes during the evacuation of the Capitol?

As he and hundreds of other lawmakers and staffers raced down the Capitol’s marble steps during Wednesday’s stampede to safety, a shoe, an expensive woman’s pump, suddenly flew in front of him which he handily caught. “I started to look for a woman in a pink suit who might be missing a shoe,” he said. But, alas, no damsel in distress was in view.

He kept the mysterious and elegant shoe close to his heart as he headed back to his office after the all-clear had been sounded. But where was the mystery woman? Later that day, his wife emailed him that she had read online that it was a powerful Democrat who had lost her footwear during the melee. Reichert replied to his wife, “I have a shoe, are you serious?'” Mr. Reichert recalled. Determined to reunite the shoe with its owner, Congressman Reichert appeared at the press conference to return the errant slingback..

Now that’s what I call a happy ending. Although they never did bother to tell us who designed the shoe.