No Nudes is Good Nudes

I wish I could report that the nude lifestyle is all around me, but the weather here in Jacumba isn’t lending itself to any disrobing. All around me people are clothed in sweaters, jeans and fleeces, much to my dismay. I am hopeful that sun will come out this afternoon, and that our hike can be nude….but hey, I can’t go out in 55 degree weather and expect to survive in the buff.

It is a community of like-minded souls here, living mostly in trailers in a big wide circle around the central clubhouse. Outside of the trailers, the weekend residents have decorated their spaces making little patios, putting up signs, and paving little walkways and areas to sun. People here love wearing bathrobes. This morning I was walking down the road thinking I was going to buy the paper (it is 2 miles) and a man named Jerry picked me up. He was wearing a bathrobe in his truck.

We later took a hike up in the volcanic mountains that surround the resort. Brobdignagian boulders looked about to tip over, rounded on the sides, and we crept carefully among them trying to make it to the top. Jerry said he’s always been a nudist…it was just when he came here five years ago he realized it. And he’s been here ever since.