Get Him Out of Here…Then We’ll Talk

Newsweek in the May 2 issue had this exclusive on the embattled nominee for the UN. Since Northwest Airlines doesn’t include any meals or movies, there was plenty of time to peruse the magazines. Here is the gist of their report.

In early 2003, the British were negotiating with Mohammar Ghaddafi about Libya’s giving up their nuclear program. The goal was a noble one, clearly a worthy motive. But there was a roadblock. His name was John Bolton. The imperious John insisted that the only way he could agree to a deal was if Regime Change was a part of it. The Brits said no. In fact they would not and could not get any deal done on this. Mohammar was going to refuse, and the chance would be gone. Finally the Brits told the US. Get Bolton out of these negotiations. So they ‘finally got him out of the way’ and a historic event took place.