Everybody’s Goin’ Somewhere Around Here

One of the best things about being in the travel business is traveling. We get many invitations from tourism boards and CVBs to send writers out to do stories. These trips are always well organized (well most of them anyway) and when you travel courtesy of the tourism board, you usually go first class.

While I take many trips myself, (Hungary is the next stop in early June) there are many more invitations I can’t accept. But I try hard to find other writers who can take the time to go. They’ll come back with fresh content for GoNOMAD.com. and keep our stories new and exciting, with detailed first person accounts.

This morning I was thrilled to hear from Jacylyn Stevenson, who writes for BusinessWest magazine, in Springfield, MA. She’s going on at trip organized by Eurail, traveling to Ireland and then taking the chunnel over to Brittany and Normandy. She was excited about going, and I am pleased to be sending such a qualified writer to give us our own exclusive report. Travel on!