Spoleto on a Friday Night

Met Paul Shoul down at Spoleto’s in Northampton about six last night. Friday night crowd, Bob Paquette of WFCR News manning the bar. Next to Paul was Moira from Family Fun magazine, and Grace, who also works there. A bit after I got there up came David Sokol, hat pulled down low, Dave had had a few. And he came with sad news. They folded the magazine he edits, Disney, and so he’s out of a job. But he is well respected over at Family Fun, so I’m sure he’ll land on his feet.

The scene there was lively and happening, with lots of laughs and the tinkling of glasses and that palpable excitement of a Friday night in early Spring. Paul ordered some mussels and we chatted with Moira and Grace, and talked about their magazine and GoNOMAD and Paul’s encounter with a Village Voice editor. I thought about how connected people are who work in the media, how in this small fish pond of the Valley, it is easy to go places and run into the same people so often. I like it here.