Driving in a Very Cool Car to ACK

We drove out to Hyannis to ferry across to Nantucket for a few days. The vehicle was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. A 2005 BMW 6 series, sharp and full of space age gadgets…like the navigation system that shows you the map of the road, even showed the ocean when we were on the ferry. Eight cylinders and six gears. These cars ARE different. We passed a smiling young woman who eyed us longlingly. Did she? Or was it it the car?

Nantucket is grey and not yet awake. We dined at an excellent dark New England place called West Creek Cafe…woody beams and a fireplace. We’re here to see our customers who will come and order hats and shirts here at the Dolphin Guest House. So many people I’ve come to know here, this trip should be a good one. Glad to be back again, my last trip was in November.