Croatia Bound

We’re going to Croatia in early June, per invitation of Nena Komarica, the tourism manager in NYC. I have always wanted to see this place, since I’ve told so many writers in interviews that this is the hottest destination around. Our trip will be to many vowel-challenged places, like the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Istra, and sea kayaking in central Dalmatia. We hope to take in agritourism, tour farms, and see the coastal regions.

This will be my first press trip with Kent St. John, my buddy who is almost always traveling somewhere, and we have a good routine that we’ve developed over the years we’ve been friends. We always set up our mobile office, we always laugh over bottles of red wine, and we always call our wives/girlfriends to tell them we love them. I don’t think Kent has ever been anywhere that he didn’t enjoy; he’s the quintessential travelin’ man. His sunny disposition makes people smile and it will be fun to board that charter plane from JFK and make the trip with him.