Snowed in Thinking about Folksonomies

What could be cozier than to be snowed in on Green Lane with plenty of coffee, beer, food and a broadband connection? Watching CNN, while airports are closed down and weather forecasters pose with mufflers, gloves and shiny blue parkas. We are setting some kind of record here, I guess….well Sunday morning is here and that is fine with me.

Folksonomies are the next Big Thing you will be hearing about….Web Pro News reported on this website trend when readers of blogs and of websites can add their own comments and links to create an ever-changing, on-going dialogue. The word is clever, folks meaning people, and it is the people who put up the posts, not the Media Titans, or the Publishers of the Newspapers. One example is the Wikipedia, the web’s dictionary of terms that anyone can change, update, or add to. GoNOMAD is listed in here for our story on Ethiopian food. We’ll take any good link we can get!