Montana Tales from Last Winter

Western Lore and Cowboy Songs

One evening we returned to Big Mountain for a special Western treat. Two teams of Clydesdales were hitched up to big sleighs and we took a short ride through the starry darkness to the cowboy hut. There a chuck wagon was doling out hot cider, delicious pot roast and potatoes, and to our surprise, a tasty vegan Portobello mushroom soup.

A group of about 50 men, women and young’uns enjoyed this big feed and then cowboy singer Gene Gordner took the stage. His voice was sweet and clear and he played just about every cowboy song anyone could think of, from Jimmy Rogers to Gene Autry and some of his own songs as well. He mixed in salty tales about cowboy life in a warm and funny patter. It was a mellow and enjoyable evening. The sleigh ride, dinner and show cost $52 for adults, $39 for children (5 – 12) and $19 for tots. website.