Meeting Wiser People

Came in from the cold, muffled up, bracing the winter winds, to meet Melody, a friend visiting from Colorado. She was warm and charming and we enjoyed a well made fire. Later we talked about Social Security, her business being financial planning. She explained that from the 7.5% we pay off the top, about 1.5 goes to widows, handicapped, needy, that leaves about 5. It is here that Bush and the GOP wants to slice “only two percent” to set aside to invest privately in the market. That’s actually FORTY percent of the 5 , not a tiny fraction as some have lead us to believe. (Rush for one).

But the numbers won’t add up. Melody has done the math and from what she said the current path of the right, if they succeed, will not be good for the USA’s economic health. Now there are three paying in for one…a few decades, like Japan, it will be nearer 2 to 2. CRUNCH…but surprisingly, many nations have done ok despite the hysteria about it. they learn to adapt, and there are just many less young men to shovel snow or dig ditches or water the gardens.