Blog Rolling Along

Just found this great list site that shows all of the blogs that have updated in the past 60 minutes…it is called fresh blogrolling. It was here that I read a blog by a woman from NC who used to live in WV named Jennifer. She’s a marketing person who admits being a Nascar fan who still smokes…what’s not to love!?

What interests me is why we blog, and how little things can bring you in. She wrote today about the music she loved, all of this ’70s stuff like Roxy Music, Jackson Browne, Carly Simon etc, and yes, I can dig them too. She also wrote about this little white house that she passes by each day, and how she would like to fix it up. She imagined a party with forty people, all enjoying themselves in it, with the tinkling of glasses and laughter, with her as the hostess if she ever bought it and fixed it up. In my email I told her how I had thought the same thing three years ago when I drove by the little office in the center of town that has now become our office.

We’re all connected somehow I guess.