FOMA, Even in Old Age

Wachusett Commuter Rail station, Fitchburg MA
Wachusett Commuter Rail station, Fitchburg MA

FOMA might just be something that’s been eradicated. In every person except for me.  In our post-pandemic world, people so often opt for the do nothing instead of going out,  even after they RSVP that they are coming.

So from now on I’ll try to minimize my fear of missing out, I’ll make my plans and not care about everyone else’s. Still don’t leave me out, invite me to your party.

Now that I am near retirement, I see the days of the week as being more similar, so I don’t make as big a deal over Friday or Saturday. But I do like to scan the news, find fun things and then put them on our calendar.  That and the theater that we usually enjoy once a week.

On Weds I volunteered to pick up a friend at the Fitchburg train station, it’s brand spanking new and has parking for hundreds of cars.

from the train to the car with the bike. Hi Fraser!
from the train to the car with the bike. Hi Fraser!

Today I found myself just sitting around at home, on a Friday, with no interest in being productive. I had gone through my emails and I had started a podcast script, but then I just didn’t wanna.

this is not the side!
They can’t read the sign??

So I drove over to Home Depot and bought a shop light for above the washing machine, something I’ve been needing to fix for a few days.

Is it quaint to have FOMA?  Quaint to care so much what other people are doing, and wanting so much for them to come hang out with you, (me!). It’s a weird one, it’s as if I have so much free time that I”m hesitant to just take a break and do nothing.

I felt great last Friday when I set off with Jack and our electric bicycles on the back of his car for a long ride in Florida, MA.

Wild place indeed, with only ONE registered business in the entire village. Jack owns some land here and so we walked it a bit to see what it was looking like. Then we stopped into the town administrators office, she was friendly and Jack told her about his land and the boundaries. He hadn’t been up there in a few years.