Skiing in Utah: Beaver Mountain and Cherry Peak

We asked our friend the ChatGPT robot to write a post for us about skiing in Utah. I wanted to share that here for fun, but I am never going to substitute my own writing for something written by a machine. Still, damn, they aren’t bad.

Cherry Peak and Beaver Mountain offer Throwback Ski Experiences for Skiing in Utah

Utah is well-known for its excellent ski resorts, with some of the best powder snow in the Unibeaver mountinted States. Skiing in Utah can include the famous Alta, Snowbird and the immense Park City Resort.

But two lesser-known resorts in Utah worth a look are Cherry Peak and Beaver Mountain, located in Northern Utah.

While these resorts may not be as famous as some of the larger ski areas in the state, they offer a unique experience for skiers looking to explore something different.

Cherry Peak Resort, located in Richmond, Utah, is a newer resort that opened in 2015. Despite its young age, Cherry Peak has quickly become a favorite among locals for its laid-back atmosphere and fantastic skiing. With over 400 acres of skiable terrain, Cherry Peak has something for everyone, from beginners to experts.

Beaver Mountain's day rate next year will be $70, but seniors can ski this big mountain for $45!
Beaver Mountain’s day rate next year will be $70, but seniors can ski this big mountain for $45!

One of the unique features of Cherry Peak Resort is its night skiing. With 21 runs and four lifts open until 9 PM on weekends, skiers can enjoy the mountain even after the sun goes down. Night skiing is a great option for those who want to squeeze in some extra runs after a day of work or for those who just can’t get enough skiing in during the day.

Another unique aspect of Cherry Peak is its terrain park. The park features over 20 rails and boxes, as well as a variety of jumps and features for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The resort also hosts various events throughout the season, such as rail jams and slopestyle competitions, which are great for spectators and competitors alike.

Skiing the Beav

Beaver Mountain, located in Logan Canyon, Utah, is another fantastic option for skiers looking for something different. Founded in 1939, Beaver Mountain is one of the oldest family-owned ski resorts in the United States. The resort has a laid-back atmosphere and is perfect for families or those looking for a quieter ski experience.  The owners are a third generation Utah ski family.

wide open Cherry Peak Resort in Logan Utah. No crowds on weekdays.
Wide open Cherry Peak Resort in Logan Utah. No crowds on weekdays.

One of the unique features of Beaver Mountain is its backcountry skiing. The resort offers guided backcountry tours, where skiers can explore the surrounding mountains and valleys with an experienced guide. This is a great option for those looking for a more adventurous ski experience.

Another unique aspect of Beaver Mountain is its snowcat skiing. For those who want to access more remote areas of the mountain, the resort offers snowcat skiing. Skiers can explore untouched powder snow on over 1,000 acres of backcountry terrain.

ski in utahBoth Cherry Peak and Beaver Mountain offer something unique for skiers looking to explore Utah’s ski scene. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these resorts have something for everyone.

With their laid-back atmosphere and fantastic skiing, Cherry Peak and Beaver Mountain are both great options for a ski trip in Utah.

So, next time you’re planning a ski vacation, consider checking out these hidden gems and exploring something new.  Delta airlines offers non-stop flights to Salt Lake City every weekday and an additional connection via Detroit later in the day.

We got a chance to dine in some of Logan’s restaurants, a highlight was Le Nonne, which means ‘Grandmother’s’ where we enjoyed a tasty Italian dinner in a house that has been a restaurant for over 40 years. Funny, our waitress knew the owners of Cherry Peak, again this state seems like a small town where everyone knows everyone else!

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