Mary Gilman is the One I Love

Mary GilmanI already knew it, but like many people, sometimes it takes a little more to realize what you have and how it matches up with what you want.

I am pleased to be in a committed relationship with one Mary Gilman, who I used to live with here on Mountain Road, but who I left a few times thinking I was going be happy without her.

But I wasn’t.

Today our relationship is different than when we lived together. We give each other a lot of independent time and space, and we don’t force being together too hard, we let it happen.  I’m the guy with the plans, I always have something I want to do, and the fun part is that Mary loves doing things with me and is interested in my plans.

Whether it’s a stage play, a music show, or a game of Scrabble, Mary is here for the fun and is a willing and able partner. And now that she is retired from working in schools, she has the time to pursue her art and that is making her much happier. No more getting up early for the tired shuffle to school, today it’s get up at a reasonable hour and head down to her figure drawing class in Florence with fellow artists.

We have a fun trip coming up, we are going to sail an elegant large sailboat/cruise ship called the Star Clipper from Rome, to Sardinia, to Corsica and then to Cannes, and after that we have a week to enjoy staying in Provence. It’s going to be a nice combination of the cruise, and some relaxation with only a few things we have to do in the glorious province of Provence, one of my favorite places in France.

Life is much better when the person you’re with wants to come over, wants to go out to Chinese, wants to take in that play, and wants to take that trip.  Best of all, Mary Gilman feels just the same way about me.

This was a good decision.