Back Porch Fest: Dozens of Bands in ‘Hamp

Back Porch Festival 2023
Back Porch Festival 2023

This is going to be fun. When I was visiting Las Vegas a few years ago and they had something like this, a weekend where more than 4o different bands were all playing at around 9 different venues in the old Downtown of Las Vegas.  The Back Porch Festival used to be held in one place, but they’re taking the Vegas idea.

Last night at my weekly music jam I heard that many of my musician pals were getting passes and a few were going to be playing gigs for the fest. So I bought two passes and we will be out and about downtown this weekend.  A few of the bands that I really enjoy are the Gaslight Tinkers, The Hendersons Blues Band, and my old pals, the Johnny Memphis Band, all will be in the house!!

But the most fun thing about the Back Porch Festival 2023 is to check out the ones I’ve never heard of that sound fun. For example, a Neil Young Tribute band called “Thrasher Wheat” will light up the stage at Bishop’s Lounge at 10 pm on Friday.  The Fiddle Orchestra of Western Mass and a saucy-looking singer named Fern Maddie will play her fiddle on Sunday.

Other bands I hope to catch are Wild Bill and the Flying Sparks, featuring my old boss Bill Knittle from my Gazette days, and Mamma’s Marmelade, another excellent band.  All in all a dizzying array and a fun weekend of original music!

Back Porch Festival 2023 Schedule