Meet at Charley’s, Leave Your Phone at Home

Meet at Charley's
Join us at Charley’s Tropical Bar & Chess Club: a pop-up bar & immersive experience. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Eggtooth Productions is doing another of their famous “scenes” where even the most ordinary people are the stars. Here is a story I published a few years ago about another pop-up at the Shea. It was called Sam’s Place, and it was set in 1967.

Welcome to Charley’s – a cozy, one-night-only escape from your present-day cares. Featuring an evening of beer, wine, and tropical non-alcoholic drinks, dreamy music, cozy meetings over chess games – and, for the adventurous – an unexpected journey into the mind of its owner.

Charley, the friendly but quiet founder, hopes you’ll join him for tropical drinks in his retro bar, highlighted with chess boards and invitations to meet others over a casual game. It’s in a time before cell phones, so enjoy the escape from those objects, too, for the night.

If you wish, you may spend the evening around the bar and its many offerings. But for those that are out for a little adventure, a puzzle lives in the space that, when solved, sends you on a special escapade that connects you more closely to Charley.

Charley’s Tropical Bar & Chess Club
February 4, 2023, @ 7-10 pm | Shea Theater, Turners Falls