All of Us Natural Foods: Deerfield’s New Vegan Restaurant

All of Us Natural Foods, Deerfield’s newest restaurant serving vegan food.

A Tasty Lunch at the New Vegan place on Route 5, called All of Us, that Suddenly Closed

Sad news! The restaurant’s owners have decided to close in Sept 2022, for personal reasons. So you won’t be able to ever try eating at this restaurant.

I met my good friend Jack today who ran into his good friend. And so there were three of us to savor and marvel at our luck… finding an absolutely marvelous and delicious restaurant that is now open in my little town of Deerfield.

All of Us Natural Foods is in a small space, once occupied by Hillside Pizza. Thankfully we can still order a pie at Hillside’s newer location next to Yankee Candle, and in this newly redesigned space, the food is really different.  Nick is the shy cook out back, and Bailey is the friendly server out front.

Spicy shitake ramen soup at All of Us in Deerfield MA
Spicy shitake ramen soup at All of Us in Deerfield MA

When I joined these two friends, they were already enjoying some bok choi and noodles. The restaurant has only five or six tables, it’s cozy and the walls are painted with bright stripes.It’s a vegan restaurant…something that many of my friends and I totally appreciate. I love vegetables, and I admire the creativity that is required to cook vegan style.

Fried rice with veggies at All of Us.
Fried rice with veggies at All of Us.

At All of Us, hot peppers definitely play a strong role.I ordered spicy shiitake ramen at the counter with Bernie. She asked me ‘on a scale of one to ten how hot do you like it?  I answered 7….hmmm next time might have to make it a five.

Jack ordered spicy cumin mixed vegetables, and bok choi with garlic was on the table. Boy it was good! It’s always fun to try out a new place and help support them. This one is really a quite unusual place, the owner is from New York City.

Here is how they describe the restaurant. “”Serving plant based Asian foods made with care. 100% Soy-Free and Nut-Free. Most dishes are GF and OG.”

265 Greenfield Rd., South Deerfield 413-350-5195. Hours: Wed-Sun 11:30am to 8:00 pm