Christmas Blogs From 2004-2021

As this blog is a repository of my feelings, actions, and deeds over the course of my life, I often like to go back and see what I was writing on this same month, in previous years. The part that always gets me is how long ago you can scroll back, that has been that many years, that many months of archives, that I can comb through. Below is a selection of some of my Christmas blogs from over the years from this blog.

A2Z Science and Nature store provides the kinds of gifts I feel good about giving my grandkids. christmas blogs
A2Z Science and Nature store provides the kinds of gifts I feel good about giving my grandkids.

I wrote about Christmas Shopping at A to Z Science store in Northampton Mass back in 2017.  Often back then I would post without any photos, there is only this exterior of the store as evidence.  Here is the blog post.

December 2017 

Then I remember writing about a touching moment I had when I was a buttoned-up advertising salesman for the Daily Hampshire Gazette with a favorite customer who simply shook my hand.

December 2018

Playing Yankee Swap at Kate and Jon's house in Northfield MA from Christmas blogs over the years.
Playing Yankee Swap at Kate and Jon’s house in Northfield MA


Here is the post from December 2018

I often have taken the useless step of publishing my New Year’s Resolutions, and then the next year having to read them again. But once in a while, I do cross off things on the resolutions list, like working at Green Space Cowork and going to the gym.  I’ve finally figured out that resolutions are a slippery slope, especially the ones you share on your public blog. I’ll write a few down this year and keep them to myself.

December 2016

Here is the December 2016 post about my failed resolutions.

I had a good feeling about Christmas in 2015, and I shared why in a post written in December 2015.

“Today we did the rituals that define the holiday. We visited a local farmer who sold us a few wreaths and then we choose a pretty good-looking spruce tree, already cut down. “The trees come from Vermont,” the farmer told us. “Spruces don’t grow well around here.”  Read the rest of the December 2015 post about getting ready for Christmas.

I was nostalgic often and I often begin crying for no clear reason.  Here is a post I may or may not have cried after of while I was writing it.

“But the point is, it was a good one. Not all Christmases are good. We all carry around memories of the worst Christmases, the ones that took place right after a sharp harsh break up, or the death of a loved one. Those we’d just as soon forget, leave in the trash bin. But the ones that are good, boy they resonate for many years after. They come up again and again.” Read the rest of a 2012 post about a Good Christmas. 

December 2006

In 2012 I looked back on previous Christmases when I had posted personal stories, and here is an excerpt from a post dated 2006.

From Christmas 2008: It’s time for the post-Christmas layabout. Time to look at the gadgets and toys and to charge the new devices and digest from the big breakfast by the daytime fire. Outside there is still snow and it’s cold, nice to have a white Christmas once in a while.  Keep reading this post with excerpts from older years.

Festivus Party of 2004

Once we attended a party that was based on an episode of Seinfeld, it was a Festivus Party. They had a pole, and they had three bands, it was held at the home of the mayor of Easthampton, Nicole LaChappelle.  Read about the Festivus Party from 2004.