Europe Looms: With Las Vegas and Maine Coming Up First

June and it’s over for us here in the U.S.  I commented today about how surprised I have been that the pandemic has lasted as long as it has. I have to say, despite whoever is still mask-wearing and fretting, damn it, it’s over. We survived, and it is only weeks before every venue and place that had to close down comes back to life.

Sign of the times: Calvin marquee update.
Sign of the times: Calvin marquee update.

The venerable Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center hasn’t updated its website, it’s still on shutdown mode. I understand why. I spoke with the owner’s son Jeremy who explained that most of the staff was furloughed, and it’s a great big deal to start up again. Because once they start, they won’t stop.

He said if there was a new uptick or some new reason to shut down again it would be worse to have re0pened. So for now, the marquees will remain dark but a few shows will be coming up little by little.

Last Friday, the Calvin Theater’s marquee was updated announcing a September show.   Even though many people up and down Main Street in Northampton were wearing masks, still, it’s over.

I’ve been having a weekly paddling outing with my old outdoorsman pal Jack Dunphy.  He comes by and we set out to whatever pond, stream or lake I’ve located on the map for the evening’s adventure.

Last night we left a car on Poplar Street and put in up near the Turners Falls Patch.  The river there is full of bald eagles, we spotted four making their way swooping up and down the riverbanks.  It was whitewater in a few places, fun to white knuckle it, and make it through to the calm. This was a really great place to kayak.  Who knows where we’ll go next week!?

So what am I gonna do with this?   A LOT!

First, we have the annual family vacation, this time it will take place at a big rental house in Scarborough Maine.  This town is known for its wide-open beaches and great seafood, and it’s only 12 minutes from Portland. So I can see some really fun day trips, beach lollygagging and hanging out with my favorite peeps for a fun week.  Then I am setting up a few nights in Portland, Maine, at the resort on Great Diamond Island in Casco Bay.

If everything works out, I’ll duplicate my trip up to Maine when I brought my granddaughter Sofie along.  We had a good time and we’re good traveling partners.

A Month in Europe

I have been making exciting plans to visit Europe and a few other places. I’ll be stringing my trips together to make a giant November a full 30 days of being on the road, with stops in London, Wales, Loire Valley, Offida Italy and Palma de Mallorca.

I’m setting alerts for the two flights, and I am pretty happy that the fares are relatively reasonable, so I’ll pull the trigger soon. Then I’ll fill in the exact itinerary based on who wants to host me and how it will all fit together with the travel.

I am confident that I can put together a fantastic series of adventures for November 2021, and I can’t wait to put it all together.