Marching Through It

It’s a super chilly early March day out there, the kind of day when you’d much rather put another log on the fire than go outside, I want to walk but….come on, too cold. Hoping it warms up soon.  I like this photo I captured of a tiny girl walking with dad when I was walking in downtown South Deerfield.

That light that I described my last post is surely getting closer.

downtown South Deerfield March 2021

News stories quote the esteemed Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that we can gather and have unmasked dinners when all of the people in attendance have been double vaxxed.

Boy, will that be amazing!  It feels like so far, I’m the only person I know who has raised the question, and is pushing against this fence.

Second Shot March 25!

I get my second shot on March 25, so after that I’ll set the clock for two week and BAM!!  April we will have said dinner party, outdoor hang, or backyard bonfire!

It’s funny those days when you’ve got the day off and you want to embrace the outdoors, but you just aren’t going out there no matter. your long underwear and great new coat.

I’m struggling today with a three day problem, my clogged kitchen drain. Jack was kind to come by with a CO2 fueled blaster and some Drano, but so far I’m hoping that the second shot of the stuff works.

Other wise we will have to pay Fletcher Drain to fix it.

On Monday the plumbers are coming and they will install a new radiator in my bedroom. Hopefully this will keep that room warm since it’s now pretty cold in the winter.

I’m burning up my wood but I’m happy to have a cord of green wood standing by in the driveway, ready to take the place of the 2018 wood that I’m slowly using up.  I’ll fill that up when it’s empty, for now, though, that green stuff stays outside.