Skiing with Sofie at Sugarloaf and Saddleback

Saddleback Maine

Skiing Two Big Mountains in Maine

Today was a lazy Sunday, Pandemic style. Meaning nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no plans for anything exciting in the foreseeable future…except one. I feel very happy that I’m making plans to travel again, it’s an instinctual thing at this point in my life.

I have spent the last twenty years taking a trip every month, reading itineraries, meeting new people, and dining out at a thousand different restaurants.

Today, I’m back in the saddle, setting up a trip with Charlene Williams of Maine tourism. It’s almost like it’s 2019! It’s great to work with people like Charlene who I know well, having met her countless times at shows and having worked out many trips to the Pine Tree State.

Fat Tire Beer Bar
The Fat Tire Beer Bar…just one of the things that will be different about skiing this year in Maine.

I’m making plans to take a ski vacation with my granddaughter, Sofie Cosme, who is taking skiing at school.

So for the first time, I am going to drive us way up past Bangor Maine to ski at Sugarloaf USA and Saddleback Mountain.

With lift access above 4,000’, a vertical drop of 2,000’, 66 runs, and 225” of annual snowfall, Saddleback has always been one of the most impressive ski mountains in New England.

Sofie with me on our Newport RI trip. We're heading north for skiing in Maine next week.
Sofie with me on our Newport RI trip.

It will be fun to be traveling again and especially with Sofie, who is a great traveling companion. On our last trip to Newport RI, Sofie proved to be a skilled interviewer, peppering the hotel manager with questions and dressing up for an elegant dinner with me.

We will stay at the Rangely Inn in northern Maine. The owners have kindly offered to open up on a Thursday night for our visit.

People in Maine are wonderful, the way people in Canada are. Always a pleasure, always fun.

Both Saddleback and Sugarloaf are huge mountains with more than 2000 feet of vertical drop so it will be new to Sofie who has only skied at the much smaller Berkshire East Ski Area in Massachusetts.

Conditions look pretty darn good up at Sugarloaf USA
Conditions look pretty darn good up at Sugarloaf USA!
Sugarloaf USA
Sugarloaf USA is famous for its snowfields for expert skiers.