Saturday Musings Over the Years

It’s a chilly Saturday morning, February 20, 2021. I just came in from snow blowing the 3 inches of fluffy snow that fell yesterday. Meanwhile, some residents of Texas have no power and it’s still freezing down there.

Saddleback Maine Saturday musings.
Saddleback Maine

Saturday Blog Posts Over the Years

It’s a classic Saturday, one that I vowed I wouldn’t turn my work computer on for, but here I am anyway. Contemplating life after the Pandemic, the far, far corner of the end is visible. People are saying maybe by the end of April, maybe later. But I get my jab on Thursday, at the new Tree House Brewing Company, formerly Channing Bete, right here in South Deerfield. I have never been so enthusiastic about a shot in my life!

How many times have I turned to this blog on a Saturday morning? Here is one from 2014.  Here is how I explained it then, seven years ago.

“I love Saturdays because of the promise that it delivers….a day of leisure yet a day of productive chores. A day when the time slows down, not as much as Sunday, but still, not as pulsing as the weekdays, with people rushing to work. A sunny Saturday means a chance to catch up with everything on the list, and to try and get it all done. And no matter how late I stay up on Saturday night, there’s a nice cushy back-up day, Sunday, waiting in the wings.”

Here is a post I wrote in 2016, about the same topic.  I repeated my story from two years ago, in my brain like in my blog, I guess a geezer sometimes repeats stories he likes.  Here is a clip from 2016’s post.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop being nostalgic for these old days, it just seemed simpler and easier and less complicated as does everything you recall about being younger.  I sometimes think of memories as a salve to whatever stress that I’m feeling today like if I could just go back to the simpler days, all would be taken care of.  But today’s not so bad either.

I’ve often judged and ranked my Saturday nights, whether they looked up to my own hype.  I did that back in this post from 2008, about what a good Saturday night is made of. I still feel the same way, here is a snip, I like how I described the party.

It was the kind of night where nobody left the table, we just switched from wine to water, and continued talking until it got late and people started to yawn. Then it was time for a collective ‘well, we better be going and then a flurry of kisses and hugs and a drive home to snuggle in a warm bed.

It was a perfect Saturday night!

Of course, Saturday has also always been attached to the Deerfield Dump. I go to the dump nearly every Saturday, for one reason or another. And I’ve been writing about it for years. Here is one from 2009 about the dump and Saturdays. I do still get inspired every Saturday for the cleaning, organizing, and just getting stuff done.

Don’t rainy Saturdays make you feel productive? That’s what they do to me. I’m up and full of ideas on what good things I can accomplish that I’ve been meaning to get done for months. 

In 2010 I pondered what other people were doing on Saturday night. That’s something I often and still ponder.

I think a lot about what people are doing at certain times, and where people are.  I’m sure that thought is part of the wildfire success of Facebook. That interest in what people are doing right now…for many years I’ve thought about that and with Facebook you get some of the answers.