Electric Vehicle Charging While Going 60

The joys are coming back.  We’ve adjusted and fine-tuned to this new life, that even with the vaccines coming on fast, won’t be changing back any time soon. The masks are gonna be around for a while. Still, there is hope.

Today I got a library book out, my first time in many years. I emailed first and my copy of the biography of John D. Rockefeller, “Titan,” was waiting for me in a paper bag outside the building.

That works. As long as you don’t need to browse and know what book you want.  Browsing in a library reminds me of doing the same in a used bookstore. You find books you think you might read but in your heart you know you’ll never finish reading them.  It most often ends with me not taking any books out of the library or buying them. If I look around my bookshelves I can find thirty or forty books that I never read, but still, own. Things are strange that way.

I read a story in the WSJ about an interesting twist on a popular topic, charging electric vehicles. It seems there is more than one way to charge them, including sensors embedded into roadways that charge the car driving by at 60 mph.  Another scheme would use electric gantries like you see on electrified trains that would charge the semitrucks, as they drove.  There are even models available right now that have these wires.

Another electric charge innovation comes from Israel. In Tel Aviv they have built a bus lane with charging wires in the road, so the buses charge while they’re driving between the airport and the University. Brilliant!