May 17, 2020: Lights at the End of the Grim Tunnel

Sunset picnic at Barton's Cove, Gill MA
Sunset picnic at Barton’s Cove, Gill MA

Last night we had plans. The first plans in weeks, we made a date to go have a picnic at Barton’s Cove, just as the sun was beginning to set and the light was at its most brilliant.

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Leyden Mass, May 2020

We are starting to do more take out, last night we went to the People’s Pint who had their restaurant set up with a table blocking entry. Just come and pick up your bagged order.

As we expected from Alden and the Pint, there were no forks or knives or napkins, just the order.

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I thought about when you order Chinese how much of that stuff is thrown in, from fortune cookies to more napkins, and chopsticks and a vast array of plastic containers and lids.

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With the Pint, it’s just the crudely assembled cardboard box and nothing else but the food. But it was delicious and as we set up our chairs next to the water at Barton’s Cove, I sighed with relief. We brought our own silverware and opened our wine to enjoy in the quiet of sunset.

We all are getting anxious about this, the ninth week of confinement.  Though in recent days as news has come from other parts of the U.S. that are easing up restrictions, we have been more encouraged.

At least I have, as I continue to try and avoid listening to entire newscasts.  I don’t need so much information!

Guilford Vermont
Guilford Vermont

But we have been discovering beautiful places to escape to, alone with just us.

Barton’s Cove is a bubble on the Connecticut River, an area with a broad boat launch where giant boats and little Motorcraft are always on the move. In or out.

There are many eagles that nest here, and we hoped to see one. Maybe next time.  The other places we’ve been touring around in are Leyden, and Colrain.

I want to return to Bellows Falls Vermont on another Sunday and see what’s opened back up.

Yesterday I planted some starters: greens.  I am getting more plants next Saturday for the full garden.

I’m excited and optimistic about my garden as I get every year.

I am glad that I still don’t know anyone who has died from Covid, and that as the numbers get better, we are collectively beginning to see the way out of this.