This Terrible Age Is About to Get Worse

We are in the thick of it, the beginning of the hockey stick statistic….its about to blow up.  Italy, up to 250 more cases today from yesterday, and this means it will get worse next week.  This whole terrifying episode in history will scar us for years.

Today on TV, our president lied about what he was doing and shook hands with people after he spent time a few days before with an infected man from Brazil.

I can’t really add any statistics you probably don’t already know.  But everything is shut down. Everything is canceled, it’s the snow day that is going to last a whole month.

It’s a terrible time and we all are panicky….at the Big Y, there was no toilet paper left.  I read about a New York store that was charging $79 for a container of Purell Sanitizer.  Jesus.

I’m thinking about how often I use this blog to remember things, to remind me of news and events that I lived through, and of course, the places that I travel.

For now, I am marking this day, March 13, 2020, when 41 people so far have died from the coronavirus.

God help us.