Life During the Almost Lockdown

My temporary office view at my partner Mary's house. Life in the lockdown. Nice view, huh?
My temporary office view at my partner Mary’s house. Nice view, huh?
Making it official! the office in the lockdown.
Making it official!

It’s COVID time, and who isn’t already sick of hearing that word. COVID 19, Coronavirus, Omigod ENOUGH!

We aren’t at the dreaded “lockdown” phase yet today, March 26, 2020, but who knows what is coming to help out the common good.

We’re all being so good, staying away from each other, carefully walking on the other side of our trail, giving the elbow and saying “Hi Neighbor!” as we walk briskly by.

Here is what I was saying two weeks back...

I do think that some positive things are coming out of having everyone in such a similar boat.

Elon Musk just arranged to buy 1255 ventilators and had them flown to California’s hospitals.

Many other billionaires like Bill Gates are shoveling out foundation money for personal protection gear, and Apple’s Tim Cook crowed on Twitter about sourcing 10M hospital masks from China that Apple is donating.

I keep hoping to hear more stories about these corporations with hundreds of billions in cash in the bank help…I remain hopeful about this all.

Meanwhile, every time President Trump makes a speech, it’s full of untruths, and terrible advice. Even now, on March 26, you see this baffoon up there on the podium nearly touching the others next to him. Where is the distancing, Mr. Commander in Chief?

So today is March 26, 2020, and one of the things I found on Facebook was a graphic showing that Wuhan China is now no longer locked down. It took 11 weeks.  So this means that even in the epicenter of the disease, there is an end.

We are all still allowed to take state-supported solo walks. Here was the view the other day in this Greenfield Mass neighborhood. Very Soviet.
We are all still allowed to take state-supported solo walks. Here was the view the other day in this Greenfield Mass neighborhood. Very Soviet.

It’s hard to remember that when I sit here, all sequestered away, planning on going nowhere for the next month at least.

I look forward to reading this post in six months….being able to look back at these dark lockdown times is as important as recalling the fun traveling, the holidays, and the positive things.

This is just part of all of our lives, we will survive. That’s my mantra as he head into April 2020.

We have the president trying to set a deadline on a virus, “oh we will all look forward to going to church on Easter,” he declared the other day.

And our man of the hour Anthony Fouci, CDC Head, said, ‘we don’t make the schedule, the virus does.”

The other leader who is really standing out during this crisis is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

He really cares about the people, never makes misleading or erroneous statements (like Trump calling this the Chinese Virus, for Gods sake), He is solid and many people think he’s the most presidential governor of them all.