New Year’s Eve Done Right

New Year’s Eve is always a crapshoot. And more and more of my friends opt to stay in and not venture out to big parties or gatherings. But I like a small affair, say 10-12 people, people who I know and have met before.  Now you’re talking.  As I did in the year 2018, I drove down to Princeton to see my sister Jen and her husband Steve, the party hosts.

our hosts over New Year's eve in Blawenburg.
Our kind hosts.

The New Year’s Eve party was great fun, and my sister Caroline had two games that we enjoyed after dinner.  One was called 5 second rule, where you have to name three things in quick 5-second succession, like name three kinds of shampoo, or name three presidents, etc.

We also played a guessing game where the first player holds an iPad over her head with a phrase we have to yell clues to help her solve. That was fun too.

Fondue was on Jen’s menu along with coq au vin and a bounteous liquor assortment. Jen really takes pride in her cooking and her presentation, and everything she made was perfect-delicious and rich!

We stopped by the first new liquor store on New Year’s Even that I’ve seen open up in Montgomery in many years. It’s gleaming new, clean as a whistle and it’s Bottle King.

My sister Anne and John George were our gracious hosts for our two-night stay.  I got a chance to hang out a while with my mother Valerie and her cat whom she adores, and who has many names.

My partner Mary enjoying the salmon cooked by Mom’s aide Lisa in Blawenburg. Delicious!

Mom’s aide Lisa takes good care of her and she cooked us up a delicious dinner on our first night. Very nice to know that she is in good hands.