“A Good Report,” Cap!

Ain’t it great to be home!?  Oh Yeah!   I have really been enjoying what I remembered about what I love about my life here at home. Not traveling, not in a hotel, not about to run out to dinner, but home. Yes…….

I’m catching up with my lunch mates, like David Sokol,  Ed Valerio, and Steve Hartshorne.  I enjoyed cocktails at my favorite bar with the last two, yes indeed I am back in my regular groove.

Music. One of my favorite rituals.

It’s nice to have a groove–to have these satisfying habits that mark each week.  For instance, I almost always go for a 4-mile walk across the Sunderland Bridge every Monday. I just always do, unless it’s pouring rain.

Today I had a telephone conference with my new favorite client, France Tourism. It’s very easy for me to promote France, it’s my favorite nation and the one I’ve visited the most in my 20 years of traveling.

I’m excited about work, my business has been rebounding and it’s fun.  I think it started with when we signed up to be Media Partners with World Travel Market. It’s such a big show and so inclusive, it seems like this was a strategic move and a good one.  The show went well and already I noticed that I got a little more respect than I had in the previous four years.

When I was growing up and would write letters to my dad, he’d often critique them with this crisp descriptor. “A good report Cap!”   I was Cap then, and will forever be.