How Much Do Things Cost in Norway?

boat in Alesund Norway

We’ve spent a week here in Norway and so far we have been slightly amazed by how much things cost here. Below are some examples, based on our exchange rate of 5.1 Norwegian kroner per dollar. Since people here make at least two or three times as much as we do, it’s not hard for them. But travelers, get ready to enjoy pizza, hotdogs and make sure to stock up at duty-free if you want to drink more than a few beers.

* Hot dog, at a stand 39 ($7.65)

*Slice of so-so pizza, from same stand 25 ($4.62)

* Fish and chips at the take-out fish market on the waterfront 154 ($28.47)

* Grilled cod and potato salad at the same market 160 ($29.00)

* Beer at a concert 65 hey it was a big tall can! ($12)

* Coffee at most places 32 ($6)

*Dinner at the XL Diner, Alesund, a fine restaurant featuring bacalao, or salted cod. 324 for entree ($60)

*Bus from the airport in Bergen to city center 95 ($17)

*Cab ride, five minutes long 110 in Oslo ($20)

* Polar bear pelt with the head attached 195,000 ($36,000)

*50 cl bottle of Vikingfjord vodka, purchased at duty-free in airport 79 ($14)
(This is the best deal in Norway!  We strongly advise buying this at the airport before you leave and have to pay three times as much.

*Pack of 20 Marlboro cigarettes 108 ($20.00)  Boy if that doesn’t make you want to quit I don’t know what does!

* Chances of talking up pretty blond Norwegian girls at a bar by plying with drinks?  YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT!