Hidden Hills Website is Coming Back

logomapI am very excited about a new project I am working on with my webmaster Rose and my girlfriend Rachael.  It’s called Hidden-Hills.com and it’s a re-invention of a website that was started early in the 2000s to promote towns that are out of reach of the Mass Pike and Interstate 91.

I liked the idea after Rachael and I took a road trip out to Stockbridge by back roads. We hit the village of Chester and toured the railroad museum, and stopped in Westhampton at Outlook Farm. The trip was on a sunny summer day and by the time we got to Stockbridge, we had passed by many other towns in this 15-town area, Becket and Windsor. Rachael has already proven to be a great asset, as she has always loved this part of the state and has spent much time there visiting the towns and seeing the scenery.

I’ve been spending my time putting up listings for campgrounds, and restaurants, shops and general stores throughout these towns.  I have learned a lot about these secluded yet beautiful places, and I can’t wait to get out there again and show the people who own businesses there what we are doing.  It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg…I want to keep adding listings and information so that the site is looking good and provides useful information, but I also want to begin getting advertisers. I’ll figure this out soon enough!  Check out what we’ve done so far…. https://www.hidden-hills.com