Keeping in Touch, by Nathaniel Hartshorne: A Tribute

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I got a wonderful letter addressed to all of my sisters and me, from old family friend Susan Schreiber. She was enjoying the copy of “Keeping in Touch” the book written by my father Nat Hartshorne with his letters, tributes, and other writings.  She said it so well.

“Dear All

I sat outside in the sunshine (finally) with a cup of coffee and this beautiful book of Nat’s letters. Wow. Reading through all these letters and hearing his voice right here with me, seeing his wry, inquisitive smile, his timing as he’s imagining the reader’s reactions and possible rejoinders. The Susaninterest he took in everything and everyone. All of the poking gentle fun, the insights, all of the love. — It’s so vibrant.

The fact that it’s not simply a collection of letters – but something he wanted to leave for all of us, that you worked with him to make it happen.  —   I’ve been feeling both very sad – and also happy, as I’ve been paging through it.

And, finally, physically, it’s so beautiful.  This was a lot of work, I know.  Hope it was satisfying to be able to pull this wonderful thing together in the midst of all you were going through. (And it continues.) ”

Thank you so much for this great description of what we are all very proud of, Nat’s final work.

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