Cancer Treatment Is Not Conducive to Blog Writing

Kent St. John and Max Hartshorne of GoNOMAD in Great Barrington, MA.
Kent St. John and Max Hartshorne of GoNOMAD in Great Barrington, MA.

I have been feeling the effects of cancer treatment and now understand precisely what it must have felt like for my old friend Kent when he got sick.  Kent used to be a prolific poster. He would never go a day without a blog post, but as he endured a tough series of radiation for cancer treatments he just couldn’t post.  I hate to admit I have the same problem. There is something about the effects of chemotherapy that doesn’t agree with writing blog posts.

So I went to the Tualatin Valley in Oregon with a friend, had a great time, yet couldn’t find a way to post about it.  Ugh. Well, at least I’m being honest.

Cancer is so random and cruel….and yet in my case, all I can think of is how lucky I am to have a relatively easy cancer to treat, and one that many people live for decades with.  This is what I have: Small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) is cancer that affects a type of white blood cell called a “lymphocyte,” which helps your body fight infection. You may hear your doctor refer to SLL as a “non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” which is a group of cancers that affect lymphocytes.

But the main point I want to make is that my life continues, and it’s wonderful!   I am heading down to New Jersey today, to be with my dad, who is 91 and has ….lymphoma.  At dad’s age, no one is lamenting a life cut short, and he’s not in pain, but he is one of the most important people in the world to me and to my family, and his passing will be a sad moment.  On Wednesday afternoon I’ll head to New York City to get ready for the big IMM meeting, where many destination marketers will be on hand to meet and talk about why we should write about them.

Then on Friday it’s the New York Times Travel Show–where Paul Shoul and I will do a simple Q&A instead of our big performance. It’s something I look forward to each year and this one is no different.

On with life!