The Pill Guy Calls Every Day

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Today, I talked on the phone with my regular correspondents. Every day at 12:30 pm it’s my job to call my parents, Bumpy and Vally. I have to check to make sure that she’s taken her Parkinson’s medicine and so a regular caller am I.

It’s one of the most it’s one of the best things I’ve ever had to do every day.  However brief or lengthy the conversation is, it’s refreshing to connect with my mother or my dad for that moment.

My dad’s 91 and mom is 86. So every day is a bonus, though people of any age should be advised to think that way, as who knows when anyone’s days are numbered?

We sometimes have to talk about ailments and medications. But neither Dad nor I really like dwelling on that. In fact, my mom I’ve seen on numerous occasions take a very direct and Beeline away from the topic of the latest health problem to more interesting realms such as film, culture, or what’s for dinner.