A Widow’s Comment Reminds Me of Why I Blog

No matter what you do in life, your blog lives on. I realized that today, as I have many times, when I got a comment from the wife of a classmate from NMH, Tim Carroll, who passed away in July 2011.  It was nice to read comments that my words of praise for this astrophysics/medical doctor renaissance man were appreciated, but what really struck home is how the blog is constant, and the posts you might think are gone are never gone.

Again and again, I find that tributes I write about people I know, who have been very successful, or who have died, live on for years and years. Having a blog is a re-assuring thing, it gives you something you can go back to again and again, and a way to see what you were doing at a certain time in life. There are so many stories, so many lives I’ve interacted with, so many cities and countries that I’ve visited–they all live on day after day on my blog.

I know more than a few people who always tell me how they’re doing to start a blog. Or people who say their websites are almost finished and when they are done, they will be state of the art.  The little secret is that the longer you wait and the more perfection you try to put into your blog, you’re missing readers and losing traction. Just do it.