As the Flu Shot’s Effects Wear Me Down

Flu ShotToday is one of those days when I feel a bit overwhelmed.  I am still feeling the effects of a flu shot that I got on Saturday after I stopped by a free flu shot clinic at my local elementary school. I didn’t know that the next day I’d be down with what feels like a touch of the flu–never had this effect on me before.

Mary shuns the shot, and so does my cousin Steve. They said because it only uses about 1/3 of last year’s influenza virus, they choose what they think will be the viruses for the upcoming season. Some say it doesn’t really work. I, however, have not had a serious flu case for many years. At any rate, I didn’t  know that this would be the result.

I’m also feeling out of sorts since I don’t have any interns this semester. My usual well-honed machine, getting ready for our Tuesday meeting, doling out assignments, having the interns help with so many tasks, is not happening this semester. I think there might be a little more competition for interns, as I found out when I saw a huge long list of just about every single arts organization that is reaching out to the same UMass students with their offerings.

We just hit a dry spell this time, and this morning, another prospective candidate decided he can’t write fast enough to keep up with our work. Oh well.

I think now I’ll just need to make lots of lists and try to get everything done one by one, old school, with no help from anyone. Don’t like it but that’s the way it is.