In Fuzeta, the Place to Stop is Nuno’s

Grilled fish at Nuno's in Fuzeta.
Grilled fish at Nuno’s in Fuzeta.

We were driving to the fabulous Tivoli Carvoeiro Resort in the Algarve of Portugal and had given ourselves enough time to get off the highway for part of the journey.  We wanted something tasty and local, and when we turned into the parking lot in the small lagoon-side town of Fuzeta, there was one clear choice.

Nuno himself was at the grill, with mackerel, shrimp and chicken kabobs and other fish getting perfectly charred. Yep, we were in the right place, and his smile and warm demeanor welcomed us.  “We want THAT!” we told him, pointing to the mackerel on the grill. “Hey, you’re not taking my fish,” joked an Englishman sitting nearby with his wife.  We sat down at a nearby table and took it all in.

Like so many authentic small indoor/outdoor joints, this was a simple affair. A tent. A grill.  A bucket of fish ready to throw on the coals and a German owner with a great sense of humor. We immediately began chatting up the people around us until one rather rude Dutchman said snidely, “if you want to have a conversation, why don’t you sit next to him!?” This harshed our mellow and enraged the chubby Brit sitting alone with an iPad. But we paid it no mind–hey, someone down here has to be rude now and then, eh?

But when the fish and salad came, with the requisite small potatoes, each bony bite was exquisite. You just can’t eat like this in the US, no matter where you go. We were very glad to have met Nuno, and left happy after paying the bill…just 19 euros for two!

Two kinds of mackerel on the grill at Nuno's Fish and Pizza in Fuzeta, Algarve.
Two kinds of mackerel on the grill at Nuno’s Fish and Pizza in Fuzeta, Algarve.