Heading out to the Farthest Point in Pennsylvania this Weekend

The drive to Farmington PA is daunting, I don't like the look of those construction symbols!
The drive to Farmington PA is daunting, I don’t like the look of those construction symbols!

Tomorrow we start our Memorial Day weekend with a drive. A very long drive. We are heading to Nemacolin Resort, in Farmington, PA, which will be quite the marathon haul by car as we join other members of the Cunningham clan to make the big journey.  After all, it’s a family wedding, and those don’t come up very often. Road trips that don’t require me to be the main driver are better than ones in which I am forced to take the wheel.

I see that nearly every few miles on the most popular route, construction is taking place. So I’ll lobby for taking the scenic route, shown in gray. Who knows if I”ll be outvoted.

This is the good news.  Looking at this map, I see that I am just minutes from stepping into a state that I’ve never visited, West Virginia, with Morgantown, the university town, just over the border.  But it’s not likely that we’ll get the chance to do that, with a rehearsal dinner and the big wedding taking place on Sunday.

We are not missing much here…with a forecast for rain.  I love weddings and I always enjoy the company of the big Cunningham clan, so I hope to have a good time during this marathon road trip, I’ll pack a big pillow and my iPad and hope it goes faster than it looks.