TBEX Speaking Gig Leads to Sweet Invite

presentation 1Sometimes you gotta give yourself props when you hit the ball out of the park.  Today at TBEX in Huntsville, Alabama, my partner Tim, Bailey Freeman and Tracey Minkin presented about how bloggers can work with editors. 

It was a packed room, and I know what that means because I’ve presented before at this same event and had a sparsely filled room….it just isn’t the same.   And another aspect of today’s talk, which was moderated by Tim, was that the audience was engaged. They weren’t all looking at their phones, which can happen at a meeting of bloggers.

I think our answers to Tim’s provocative questions, like “what do you actually do all day?” kept people interested.  It was helpful, we could tell that some of what we shared such as ‘never send us a story you’ve already published on your blog,’ or ‘don’t call us on the phone to ask if we’re using your story,’ were useful for many newbies and some more experienced writers.

But the best part came after we were off the stage.  The director of the next TBEX conference came up to me and said “you are a natural! I want you to come speak in Ireland in October!”

I can tell you’ve done this quite a few times. Some people just have it!”

Bowl me over, will ya!  That made my day and my night.  I think Bailey and Tracey too, deserve the same accolades.  It’s just so nice when you do something for almost twenty years, really know your stuff, and then people recognize it.  Happy dance time.